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  • What is the history of Thai Chamber of Commerce in China?

    Nowadays, there are a large number of Thai private enterprises operating in China, which these business people are likely to have an integration to play an important role in promoting cooperation and economic relations between Thailand and China to become closer in the area of commodities and services, trade, investment, tourism, transportation, etc. On March 7, 2005, Mr. Julapong Nonsrichai, Ambassador, Royal Thai Embassy, he had the idea of setting up a Thai Chamber of Commerce in Beijing to be an important strategy to expand the trade between Thailand – China more and organized a meeting of Thai businessmen in Beijing and Tianjin on the establishment of the Thai Chamber of Commerce in China at the ‘Prik Thai’ Restaurant, Holiday Inn Lido Hotel, Beijing, on March 7, 2005, with Mr. Julapong Nonsrichai Ambassador and Mr. Witit Teeramungcalanon, Minister (Commercial) was the chairman of the meeting. The meeting agreed that the Thai private sector would benefit from the establishment of the Thai Chamber of Commerce in China. Finally, the Thai Chamber of Commerce in China officially took place on June 29, 2007.

  • What are the duties and responsibilities of Thai Chamber of Commerce in China?

    1. Regularly held a party in different zones for the members in order to exchange opinions, experiences, and news.
    2. Held a business seminar or a trendy issue for members.
    3. Provide services for members who are interested in investing in China or Thailand in the beginning of business or in the process of doing survey market.
    4. Provide the website for members to exchange information and opinions, also the website can be another way to contact with Thai Chamber of Commerce in China.
    5. Help Thai companies to find partnerships or suppliers who are interested in companies’ products.
    6. Promoting and strengthening the contact and communication between members and various government departments in China, making it a bridge of communication between members and the government. Helping the voices from enterprises in the chamber of commerce be heard by the two governments and obtain the support and encouragement from government for the sustainable development of the enterprises.
    7. Facilitating effective communication between members of the chamber of commerce and local government and getting support from them.
    8. Support the members who start new investments, besides the rules, we also give advices about personnel for sustainable organization.
    9. Give advices on where to set up an investment that has capability and liquidity in production and marketing.

  • How to become a member?

    There are two types of member.

    1. Corporate member
    • Member fee: 5,000 RMB/Year
    • Available to the companies which Thai nationals as partners, shareholders, or juristic person who engage in manufacture, trade, service, etc.

    Required documents:

    • Certified Copy of Certificate of Registration Issued by Ministry of Commerce
    • Name card of the representative of the company
    1. Individual member
    • Member fee: 1,200 RMB/Year
    • Age of 22 years old or above
    • One individual member has one vote for Thai Chamber of Commerce in China’s conference

    Required documents:

    • A photocopy of Passport
    • Name card

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