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Province’s Information

China is the biggest gold and diamond market and also the biggest source of freshwater pearls in the world. It is also the biggest jade market in Asia. Shanghai is a city where jewelries are traded.

Shanghai is located in the east of China, the north is adjacent to Yangtze River, the south is adjacent to Hangzhou bay, the west is adjacent to Jiangsu and Zhejiang province and the east is adjacent to Donghai Sea. Shanghai has approximately 6,340.5 square kilometers, accounted for 0.06 of the whole area of China. The population is approximately 24 million people and the GDP is around 2.75 million Yuan, which is China’s number one and resulted in a GDP per capita of more than 100,000 yuan which makes it a second place in Asia after Tokyo, Japan.

Recently, the overall trading value of Shanghai jewelry and gems is one-fifth of China’s jewelry and gems trade, therefore, Shanghai is the best city that holds the best jewelry and gemstones exhibition in China.

This year’s trade exhibition information

China is the world’s top jewelry and gems trade country since 2010. China is the first trading nation for platinum, with 50% of global sale, and China is also the world’s largest buyer of gold and diamond since July 1, 2006. China has a tax reduction policy for diamonds. It is stipulated that if a diamond or a semi-finished diamond imported into China through the custom s clearance of Shanghai Diamond Exchange will not collect VAT. Precious diamonds will only collect 4% VAT from the original 17%.

Jewelry exhibition in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Diamond exhibition with 15 more countries such as, South Korea, Thai and Sri Lanka will attend this time

Exhibition Information in the Past 

Last year there were 1,018 participants from 22 countries/regions attended the event and 771,355 buyers from 48 countries visited the event.

Event Areas and Selected Items

Thai jewelry, leather products and other fashion items can attend.

Booth details: indoor

Booth standard: 9 m2 (3×3 meters)

Decoration: 1 Thai – Chinese label, 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 electrical outlet, 2 spotlights and trashcan

Other Activity:

Product promotion